Missing faces

Couple Salsa Dancing

Photo by: Michal Arad

Based on the site-specific work"self ritual' we try to reengage self-images that once were made as an honor for the great and now are the base for communication through social medias. Especially nowadays, during the Covid- 19 era, we are communicating through digital media based on headshots only (equivalent to the ancient busts). Disruptions happen often, separating sound form image, deteriorating our sense of wholeness. Hybrid situations cause time lapses. Within this reality we are asking what is happening to our sense of being and our longing for eternity and how does it affect our relationships and our human communication?
*Due to the fact that the piece includes a significant amount of spoken text in Hebrew, it is only open to Hebrew speakers at this time.

Iris (1971) is an independent Choreographer and dancer. Through her works Iris is searching to bring the political and public spheres through the private vibrating body and to research the reciprocal influences on one another. Between her works are: "Temporary", "Homesick", "First Body Many", "I'll be right back", "Local/Not easy" site specific works and videodance pieces. Her works are shown worldwide. Worked with choreographers Yasmeen Godder, Inbal Pinto, Arkadi Zaides, Ronit Ziv and more. Curated the Galilee Mountains Dance Event and the 2015 edition of Machol Shalem dance festival in JerusalemTeaches at the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance

Iris Erez

Iris Erez

Photo by: Daniel Tchechik